Gaudi got his ideas from here… or did he?

Some 20 kms. west of Reus (Catalonia, Spain), where famous architect Antoni Gaudi was born, there is a rock formation called “Los Colosos” (The Colossals). Some of the rock formations and caves remind the visitor of Gaudi’s work. Take a look at all the pictures I took and judge for yourself. I even compared some of the photos I took with some of Gaudi’s creations (bottom). Gaudi was inspired by nature since he was a child and his work clearly reflects it.

This theory could just be a coincidence… But I guess we will never know. In the meantime, just take a look and enjoy nature’s work… and Gaudi’s, as well! 😉

And here are the comparisons between the rock formations and Gaudi’s actual work:

Park Güell (top) in Barcelona
Casa Batlló (top) in Barcelona
Casa Batlló (top) in Barcelona
Casa Batlló (top) in Barcelona

Note: All photos were taken by me and are copyrighted. Reproduction prohibited. Thanks.


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