Route 66: Main Street of America

One of my best memories from when I lived in the U.S. is driving on the original Route 66. I drove my 2004 Toyota Corolla from Victorville, in Southern California, to Needles, on the border between California and Arizona (175 miles.)

I drove for hours and didn’t came across another human being until I reach my destination. I crossed ghost towns, abandonded gas stations, motels, restaurants, and cafes. It felt like traveling back in time. It must have been pretty cool back in the day being able to drive from Chicago to Santa Monica without having to leave Route 66, crossing so many states, so many cities and towns.

The original Route 66 was 3,945 kms. long (2,451 miles) and it was established on November 1926. It ran from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 (song on Youtube)


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