Remembering Athens, Georgia

Athens, aka The Classic City, is located in the state of Georgia, United States, and is home to The University of Georgia (UGA). I lived nine years in Athens (1997-2006), half in school and the other half working for the local newspaper, the Athens Banner-Herald (ABH).

UGA is a big university (around 34,000 students plus faculty and staff). It has a wonderful campus and downtown Athens is within walking distance. Downtown Athens is well-known for its art and music scene, as well as bars and restaurants. Groups such as R.E.M. and B-52’s scored their first hits here.

During my nine years in Athens I was able to get a real taste of both the university and the city. I was a journalism student, both undergraduate and graduate. I was also a Spanish professor while on Grad School (2000-02). I was Intramural tennis champion, tennis coach at Bishop Park; founder and co-host during five years of a radio show in Spanish at UGA radio station WUOG 90.5 FM. I got my first job at the local newspaper right after graduating from Grady College of Journalism with a master’s degree (2002). At the ABH I was named editor of a new publication in Spanish: Athens Eco Latino. I also had the honor to meet, interview and play tennis with college tennis legend Dan Magill.

All in all, living in Athens was a great experience. I learned a lot, both on and off campus. Attending such a big school with such a nice town right next to it is an experience I recommend to all high school graduates, from any country.

And most important of all, I met a lot of interesting people and made friends I still keep in touch with.

For more information, visit: UGAAthens-Clarke County and Athens Banner-Herald.

Note: All photos shown in this post were taken by me. Thanks.


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